Monday, January 2, 2012

Announcement: I am moving to Goodreads!

Some of you may have noticed that this blog has been quiet for awhile. I have had a lot on my personal plate as I finished out 2011, and now that I am setting myself up for 2012, I have come to the decision to move my reading stats, reviews and chatting over to Goodreads. I have many friends there, and it just seems simpler to keep all my reading stuff in one place.

I also have found that the initial impetus for this blog---to review books and help readers separate out the good from the bad---is not so compelling to me anymore. I am simply drowning in content---between library books, classic finds from the fine folks to Project Gutenberg, freebies from the Kindle store and so on, I have a to-read over 1000 books long. What this means, from a reviewing standpoint, is that I simply have not got the time to read books which are only so-so. If it doesn't grab me, and fast, I am moving on. So the act of slogging through a mediocre book just to review it does not appeal to me---and since Amazon and Smashwords, my two main stores, both offer generous sampling, I feel that any ebook reader is well-equipped to try before they buy. They don't need me to filter out the chaff for them as much.

I won't stop reading, and I won't stop offering my thoughts on the books I do read, both indie and otherwise. I will just be doing it at Goodreads now instead. Here is my profile. I have started with a clean slate for 2012 and will be adding---and reviewing---books as I read. I welcome you to follow me there! I have already posted my first review of the year. Happy reading!

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