Monday, August 1, 2011

Review: Sex with Dead People by David Barker

Sex with Dead People by David Barker is a short story collection featuring 28 very short stories with an urban feel. One story takes place on the subway; another involves a newspaper. They are slight, quick little diversions.

Barker is a decent craftsperson as far as language issues go. There were no obvious editing mistakes, and some of the descriptive prose was quite lovely. The stories, however, were a little uneven. Many of them quite ably set up a premise and then delivered a kicker ending, but a few of the stories just kind of stopped. I recognize that in stories of this length, there won't be the build-up you would get with a longer piece. But even so, there has to be a point somewhere, or why are we reading? Some of the stories were just a little too slight and never delivered the payoff they should have.

It's a free book, so try it out if you like short stories. But I can't rate this one more than a 3/5, and that's perhaps a little generous. Some of the stories were great, but some of them just didn't work at all for me.

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