Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sample Review Roundup: Various Books

I'll be back this week with a new Smashwords review, but in the meantime, a sample round-up! These are books that I started but, for whatever reason, did not finish. I read the sample and it did not inspire me to read further. Ready?

No Rest for the Wicca by Toni LoTiempo: Witch books are fun, but I am over the vampires. A few pages of clumsily introduced backstory and I realized this book wasn't for me.

Sweet Mysteries by Connie Shelton: I guess I am just not a 'cozy mystery' person, since I didn't like this much more than I did her previous series. I had to stretch my suspension of disbelief muscle a little too far in the sample I read. The sheriff leaves her, unsupervised, in an unchecked crime scene, she messes it up, and then he both deputizes her and asks her out on a date?

Next Move, You're Dead by Linda Lavonne Barton: The author has a comma usage problem. As in, she doesn't use them. When I start getting my 'world's biggest slushpile' tingle, I bail. Sorry!

Web Secrets by Ronnie Dauber: I read one page of very overwrought description before deciding this was not the book for me.

Color Me Grey by J.C. Phelps: I am a sucker for 'first book in the series' things, but I read through about 10 screens of a whole lot of tell and not any show, and got bored. Next!

Tyger Lilly by Lisa Trusiani: It's YA fantasy. Why on earth did I download that one? Apologies to the author, but this is just not my genre.

Deadly Engagement by Lucinda Brant: I think I downloaded this one because it was free during Read an eBook Week, and I have spoken to the author online and she seems like a really nice person. But, as I said for the book above---this is just not my genre, and no amount of 'author being a nice person' is going to change that. I just don't enjoy this kind of book. Sorry!

Six Days to Midnight by Kat Duncan: See above. Political thrillers just aren't my thing.

The Scavenger's Daughter by Mike McIntyre: Another book where the blurb alone failed to alert me to a genre mismatch. As soon as I read the phrase “S&M plain slut” I bailed.

As a sidenote, I wanted to put in a plug for an indie book I enjoyed which is sadly not available at Smashwords, and hence ineligible for review here, but is a great $0.99 read for those with Amazon accounts. Twists and Turns is an anthology edited by the fine folks at Red Adept, who sponsored a contest of short stories with a 'twist' ending. The quality of stories varied somewhat, as they always do with multi-author anthologies (there was one pure fantasy story which I outright skipped) but enough really good stuff to make this well worth the buck.

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