Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sample Review Roundup: Various Books

I'll be back this week with a new Smashwords review, but in the meantime, a sample round-up! These are books that I started but, for whatever reason, did not finish. I read the sample and it did not inspire me to read further. Ready?

No Rest for the Wicca by Toni LoTiempo: Witch books are fun, but I am over the vampires. A few pages of clumsily introduced backstory and I realized this book wasn't for me.

Sweet Mysteries by Connie Shelton: I guess I am just not a 'cozy mystery' person, since I didn't like this much more than I did her previous series. I had to stretch my suspension of disbelief muscle a little too far in the sample I read. The sheriff leaves her, unsupervised, in an unchecked crime scene, she messes it up, and then he both deputizes her and asks her out on a date?

Next Move, You're Dead by Linda Lavonne Barton: The author has a comma usage problem. As in, she doesn't use them. When I start getting my 'world's biggest slushpile' tingle, I bail. Sorry!

Web Secrets by Ronnie Dauber: I read one page of very overwrought description before deciding this was not the book for me.

Color Me Grey by J.C. Phelps: I am a sucker for 'first book in the series' things, but I read through about 10 screens of a whole lot of tell and not any show, and got bored. Next!

Tyger Lilly by Lisa Trusiani: It's YA fantasy. Why on earth did I download that one? Apologies to the author, but this is just not my genre.

Deadly Engagement by Lucinda Brant: I think I downloaded this one because it was free during Read an eBook Week, and I have spoken to the author online and she seems like a really nice person. But, as I said for the book above---this is just not my genre, and no amount of 'author being a nice person' is going to change that. I just don't enjoy this kind of book. Sorry!

Six Days to Midnight by Kat Duncan: See above. Political thrillers just aren't my thing.

The Scavenger's Daughter by Mike McIntyre: Another book where the blurb alone failed to alert me to a genre mismatch. As soon as I read the phrase “S&M plain slut” I bailed.

As a sidenote, I wanted to put in a plug for an indie book I enjoyed which is sadly not available at Smashwords, and hence ineligible for review here, but is a great $0.99 read for those with Amazon accounts. Twists and Turns is an anthology edited by the fine folks at Red Adept, who sponsored a contest of short stories with a 'twist' ending. The quality of stories varied somewhat, as they always do with multi-author anthologies (there was one pure fantasy story which I outright skipped) but enough really good stuff to make this well worth the buck.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Website for Authors and Readers

I have consolidated some of my on-line projects into a single handy website: the e-Finds Book Pages! It's your central gathering place for the eBacklist Collection, the best of my Teleread Articles and more! The site comes in two flavours:
  • The Author Page has info, articles, books and web links of interest to indie ebook authors
  • The Reader Page has links to reviews, curated collections and blogs of interest to readers
Comments, suggestions and feedback is very welcome. And please, spread around the links to any message boards or blogs that you frequent!