Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fun With Statistics

Just for some pre-long-weekend fun, some stats to entertain you :)

I currently have 283 ebooks tagged in Delicious. This represents full-length books only; if I count magazines and other ephemera, my total 'ebooks read' are 348.

Of those 283 books, 51 of them have been tagged a 'favourite.'
  • 11 of these are commercial DRM'd titles
  • 17 of them are indie DRM-free titles from Smashwords and Fictionwise
  • 19 of them are classics in the public domain
There are currently 57 ebooks listed in the Indie eBook Hall of Fame. These are books which are available DRM-free and have received at least three positive reviews from independent bloggers.

There are 124 books currently listed in the eBacklist Collection. These are books which were formerly published in print by a mainstream publisher and are being re-released independently by their own authors as the rights have reverted back to them. All of the listed books are DRM-free as well. And I know there are more out there! Authors with eligible listings are invited to check out the submission instructions here.

So, what do these statistics mean for you?


Good news! You can get a ton of content which is free of DRM (and hence can be converted easily for use on any of your devices) and in some cases free of cost as well. You could read for years off some of these links!
  • If you trust my judgment, you can start with my indie and public domain favourites. That's 36 books right there, and I have personally read and vetted every one of them.
  • If you'd rather a group blogger's consensus, the Indie eBook Hall of Fame awaits you.
  • If the stamp of approval from a mainstream, traditional publisher is important to you but you still want to avoid DRM, check out the Ebacklist Collection.
  • If you avail yourself of all three options, you'll have over 300 books to choose from which have all been vetted and reviewed by someone---yet are DRM-free!

Good news! I offer you some self-promo opportunities, even if you write outside the genres I review or write inside those genres but don't wish to submit your book to me.
  • If your book has received three reviews by independent bloggers (i.e. not Amazon reviews, paid-for reviews, Goodreads reviews or those appearing on PR or aggregation sites) then you can submit your information for inclusion in the Indie eBook Hall of Fame. Note that there may be a delay in getting your book posted, as I do all the work myself and have to verify and enter each book manually!
  • If you are an author whose book was published once upon a time by a real paper publisher, you can submit your book to the Ebacklist Collection. You don't need to wait for me to add the listing; you can do it yourself. I urge you to please read and follow the submission guidelines carefully, however. I do moderate the entries, and incomplete information (such as forgetting to indicate where it was once published) or excessive/incorrect tagging takes me more time than you'd imagine to correct, and leaves me less time for reviewing and other worthy pursuits!
Have fun browsing this growing index of great DRM-free books!

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