Saturday, April 9, 2011

Review: The Demise of the Soccer Moms by Cathryn Grant

The Demise of the Soccer Moms is a promising debut from Cathryn Grant, an apparently seasoned short fiction writer. It involves a close-knit group of suburban moms whose lives start unraveling when a quirky newcomer arrives.

It turns out that the unraveling isn't strictly free-spirit Charlotte's fault. Amy, the core mom of the little group, is battling some demons that are finally catching up with her. Somehow, she latches onto Charlotte as a fixation, and things escalate from there.

I had a few small nitpicks with the story---Grant doesn't seem to offer any explanation for Amy's immediate hatred of Charlotte other than 'she's crazy' for instance---but overall, it was a solid read. The story was well-paced and kept me turning the pages, and I thought that Rachel especially was well-written as a character. She struggles with balancing her well-meant loyalty to her friend Amy, and with trying to deal with her growing feelings of alarm as things escalate. Her snail-loving son Trent was one of the more fully realized child characters---the rest, save perhaps Charlotte's daughter Meadow, exist in the story as mere names.

Small quibbles aside, this was a readable and entertaining little drama, and well worth a read. Recommended!

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