Monday, April 25, 2011

Announcement: Introducing the eBacklist Collection!

I have launched a new'curated collection' site to allow readers to easily find ALL Smashwords titles which were once print books published by a paper publisher. ANY book which is a backlist title the author is re-releasing is eligible for inclusion, provided it is available on Smashwords OR through a DRM-free vendor.

The best part? I have set up the site so that I don't have to do any of the updating myself! Authors can add their books directly! Do you have an eligible book? Here's how to add it:

1) Launch Smashwords or your vendor site, find the book. Copy the URL.
2) Open a new window; launch Delicious
3) Log in as 'ebacklist' (password is coker2011)
4) Choose the 'save a new bookmark' link in the right margin
5) Paste in your URL and then fill in the title, author and description
6) Add some tags for easy browsing
7) As a thank you, please consider adding my blog to your RSS feed :)

I have added one book to start things off. I hope all self-promo-loving backlist repubbers will go in this week and take 5 minutes to add their stuff. Remember, if it was once published by a publisher, and you have now put out the ebook, and it is DRM-free and ready to read by discerning readers, it is eligible for inclusion, and you don't need to wait on me. Authors can add to this collection any time they want to.

I'll go through once a week and clean up anything that looks messy. If you have any problems, email me and I can help you out.


Kelly McClymer said...

What a brilliant thing to do! Thank you. Now that my son rescued my wordpress site from the update-limbo I had consigned it to, I will definitely add your site to my RSS feed (and follow you, too).


Maryann Miller said...

This is a great opportunity. However, I could not log in to Delicious with the username and password you provided. Have other authors been able to? The site offered me the option of signing in with my Yahoo account, but I wasn't sure if I could get to your page on Delicious if I did that.

Ficbot said...

Maryann, the user name and password I provided IS a Yahoo account, created especially for this project. You can put that information in as a yahoo ID and it will sign you in.

Walker Publishing said...

I added all 10 of my historical romances to the ebacklist collection. Thanks so much for helping readers to find high quality originally print-published books! Miriam Minger, Author

Walker Publishing said...

I have added all 10 of my historical romances to the eBacklist Collection. Thanks so much for helping readers to find high-quality originally print-published books! Miriam Minger, Author

Laurin said...

Thanks for helping get the word out about DRM free backlist books! I'll add a link to your site on mine.