Thursday, March 10, 2011

Read an Ebook Week, Day 5

Hello again!

How is Read an Ebook Week going? Are you finding any good books out there? Here are some todos for Day 5.

1. Set up a Google Alert with your favourite author's name so that you can find out news about their new releases, places they are being reviewed and talked about, and coupon codes to get deals on their books. If you are an author, set up a Google Alert on yourself!

2. Sign up for the e-newsletter at your favourite book vendor, like them on Facebook or follow their twitter account. Kobo and many other ebook stores often post coupon codes and special deals in these places.

3. Have a friend or family member who reads ebooks too? Some stores allow you to gift one of your books to someone else, or to purchase a gift card for them. Share the love and send someone in your life an ebook gift.

Happy reading!

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