Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Read an Ebook Week, Day 4

Hi again everyone! Here are your todos for today:

1. Have a favourite author from the big pubs whose works you enjoy in ebook form? Google their official website address, then send them an email or leave them a comment letting them know you are an ebook buyer and that you appreciate their embracing of the digital age.

2. Do you only read Big Pub authors? If so, how about investigating an indie mecca today? Browse your favourite genre at a site like Smashwords or Feedbooks and pick up an indie read that strikes your interest. Not sure where to start? The Indie eBook Hall of Fame has genre listings of books which have at least three positive reviews from independent bloggers.

3. Remember the forum you joined yesterday? See if it has a poll section. Then look at some polls and cast your vote an an ebook-related topic which interests you. Have fun!

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