Sunday, March 6, 2011

Read an Ebook Week, Day 1

Welcome to Read an Ebook Week! I will be posting some special to-dos every day for the next week, to get you in the 'read an ebook' spirit. Here are your to-dos for day 1!

1. Smashwords has a special area of free and discounted books for this promotion. Check it out and download a few books.

2. Have you submitted reviews for the ebooks you have most recently enjoyed? If not, spend a few minutes adding some ratings and a review or two at the vendors you patronize.

3. Join a challenge or book club! Goodreads is full of them. Mobile Read is another good starting point. Or, just do it yourself. Read 100 ebooks this year. Read 50 classics. Whatever you want!

Check back tomorrow for more Read an Ebook Week todos. Happy reading!

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