Saturday, November 27, 2010

Review: Soul Identity by Dennis Batchelder

At last, a real Smashwords gem! After several weeks of promising--but-needing-a-good-edit indie reads, I was delighted to find Soul Identity. It's a fun, original and utterly entertaining adventure story. Scott Waverly is a security expert---the opening prologue has him cheekily confounding airport security in order to help them improve their weak spots---who finds himself mixed up with an unusual organization that claims to track souls into their subsequent lifetimes and allow people to transfer their wealth to their future incarnations. He at first writes them off as quacks, but a heartfelt plea from his lonely neighbour, who is an aspiring member, leads him to take them up on a temporary job offer. Once inside the lion's den, he finds a well-meaning majordomo in over his head, a gorgeous computer expert who steals his heart, and a nefarious conspiracy that's out to destroy them all...

The action moves briskly from India to Venice and beyond, and the more philosophical parts are handled deftly without slowing down the action. The characters, especially the two leads, are well-drawn and Scott especially, with that little bad-boy glint in his eye, were fun to read about. Perhaps the villain was a little too obvious and cartoon-ish---might have been nice to see more of him as a character before he was outed as the bad guy---but this is a small quibble. The book was excellent and I heartily recommend it.

I had trouble loading this onto my Kindle for some reason---I read it on the iPad and didn't even notice the Kindle troubles until later. But my sister says it loaded fine on hers. I see too that Mr. Batchelder has a sequel out on a 'pay what you want' price. I will definitely be picking it up and sending a tip the author's way.