Sunday, March 7, 2010

Review: Fear of Fighting by Stacy May Fowles and Marlena Zuber

I got Fear of Fighting as a freebie on Kobo, and I was not quite sure what to expect from it. The description: "Combining Stacey May Fowles’s sharp prose with Marlena Zuber’s whimsical illustrations, Fear of Fighting revolves around Marnie, a broken-hearted young woman fighting for something more in Toronto’s lonely, urban landscape."

Illustrations in an ebook can be an iffy thing sometimes, but given the price (free) and the setting (I am always interested in books which take place in my hometown) I figured why not? So I downloaded away and finished this short little volume in a day.

And...meh. Sorry! But here is the thing, the illustrations don't really add that much and the prose is a little bit flowery and overdone. There is a frame narrative with a minor character that never really goes anywhere, and the main character is not especially likable. The plot revolves around her breakup with a boy called Ben, and at one point she wonders what he saw in her. I kind of wonder too.

If you are looking for a good post-breakup story, you're better off with this one, which is also free, and DRM-free (in multiple formats) to boot.

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