Monday, October 19, 2009

Review: Taylor Madison series by Elizabeth Dearl

This is a mystery series, available at Fictionwise in multiformat. The main character is a suspense novelist who, in Book 1, returns to her late mother's country hometown to uncover the mystery of her paternity. As is wont to happen in books like these, she stays.

Taylor is an appealing character and the books were well-written. I liked the romance between her and the male lead, and the small country hometown was well-drawn and engaging. Book 1 and Book 3 were the best of the bunch. Book 2 had too many characters who seemed to be basing their grudges and behaviours on misinformation they could have clarified with one conversation. It was just too depressing for me---there were decade-long grudges based on 'I thought you said/did such and such!' 'But I didn't!' 'Oh, okay then, problem solved.' Ugh.

Book 2 was entirely forgettable, but I liked the other ones. If I were doing it again though, I'd stick with book 1 as a stand-alone. The mystery in Book 3 was short and easily solvable, and Book 2 was, as I said, depressing. Still, not bad for an indie read.

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