Friday, April 10, 2009

Review: And Then the Town Took Off by Richard Wilson

And Then the Town Took Off is an e-book reprint of on out of print pulp novel from the 1960s. The small town of Superior just 'takes off' one day, and nobody is sure if it's aliens, a conspiracy by a local crackpot faux-scientist, or something to do with the bubblegum factory. Among those stranded on the flying city are a Pentagon employee, the secretary to a cartoonish senator, and the daughter of the crackpot scientist. There are some truly funny moments here (the brief reign of a local monarch being one of the highlights) and some dated 'product of its time' bits too (silly females, Russian submarines, cold war shenanigans etc.) But on the whole, it's an entertaining read. I wouldn't say it's a 'must-buy rush otu and do it now' story, but it's definitely worth adding to your wish list for the next time it goes on sale. I picked up up for 30% off during a sci-fi promo and at that price, did not regret my purchase.

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