Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Review: Tornado Bait by Amy Eastlake

Tornado Bait by Amy Eastlake is probably one of the most fun little mysteries I have read in awhile. I got it as part of my 'titles available in multiformat' binge at Fictionwise recently, and enjoyed it immensely when I read it this week. Tina Anderson is the manager at a trailer park, and gets pulled into a mystery when a tenant finds body parts floating in his toilet. A colourful cast of secondary characters including a sexy ex-husband, a frosty ex-mother-in-law and a hooker best friend aid our hapless heroine in her thoroughly clumsy sleuthing, and throughout, Eastlake maintains a light tough and frothy, chikk-lit tone. There is a sequel. I am definitely in!

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Rob Preece/ said...

Thanks for the kind words. Tina is the star of the sequel, THE CHICKEN RESCUE LEAGUE, and is also a major character in Eastlake's MIDLIFE MURDER and GOING POSTAL.

Rob Preece