Thursday, February 26, 2009

Review: Cycler by Lauren Mclaughlin

This charming story was recommended all throughout Blogland, so I picked it up during a sale, as I always do with such things. The novel revolves around every-teen Jill, whose perfectly average life is marred by the secret that every month for four days, she transforms into Jack, a boy version of herself who is locked away for the duration. Jill's half of the story is fairly standard Girl-Boy-Prom type of material, but the wrinkle of Jack gives this book its clever saving grace as Jack tries to have a life and develop an identity despite his four-day existence locked away in Jill's body, bedroom and family.

It's not the type of novel I usually go for, and it's certainly outrageous that even months down the line, it remains priced at above its print counterpart, but that is of course the story of my e-life, and I can't blame the book for it. I'm going to stop commenting on the price issue from here on out. Buy on sale, like the smart person that you are, and you'll be fine.

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