Friday, January 16, 2009

Review: Tea & Witchery by Marie Dees

I had never heard of Marie Dees until her books came up during a multiformat search at Fictionwise, so I was surprised to find she had a mainstream 'print' presence on Amazon---at double the price, to boot! I am not sure this book is worth what Amazon is charging, but it is not a bad read at bargain e-price.

Tea and Witchery is about a woman named Lynn who goes to visit her aunt in a Florida town that is known for its paranormal society. There are the standard 'and then someone gets murdered' events, and Lynn must play detective while fighting off the amorous interests if her college buddy George, and the mysterious Alex.

The action moved fairly briskly, and Lynn evolved nicely as a character. My two quibbles were that most of the supporting cast were somewhat annoying and not terribly sympathetic (I would not have shed a tear if one in particular got killed, nor would the other characters) and secondly, the same complaint I had with Kelley Armstrong's latest---the author delves a little too much into the 'politics' of her special society, and I would have rather seen the world in action a little more carefully.

For a novel that purports to be about a group of 'real' psychics, she also fails to convince me that any of them really do have special powers. The 'signs' they use to get themselves into the society are vague and not terribly compelling. And the local cops seem to be view them as a bunch of kooks. When you have 'outsider' characters like Lynn and Alex being your dramatic leads in a story like this, it's that much harder. Perhaps less focus on politics and more focus on giving credence to whether these people actually had 'powers' or not would have served the novel better.

I got this on sale for less than $3 and it was a good read at that price, but I am not sure how much more I would suggest paying for it. Not much more :)

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