Friday, January 2, 2009

Review: Sister Gypsy Moon by Karen Leabo

I'm ripping through the spoils of my recent Fictionwise multiformat titles binge! Rob from Books for a Buck was kind enough to send me a review copy of Sister Gypsy Moon. I had trouble formatting it for my iPod Touch, so when it went on sale at Fictionwise for 50% off in a special for members, I paid the $1.50 or so and bought it myself. I'm glad I did. It was an engaging, funny little mystery and well worth its reasonable price.

Gypsy, the title character, is a child of hippies (yes, Gypsy is her real name) who is going through a transition in her life. At loose ends and on the run from her almost comically irritating stalker, Darryl, her lawyer sister Petal finds her a job house-sitting an odd purple house. Its owner has vanished, the mortgage gone into collections, and the bank wants the place cleaned up so they can sell it. Gypsy only just gets going on that when her sister gets a crisis or two of her own and comes to stay with her. The two of them get caught up in the mystery of what happened to the home's former owner Ruby, and along the way dodge Ruby's religious fanatic neighbour, her nephew and his motorcycle gang, and Petal's repentent, adulterous husband Cullen, a cop who is Gypsy's former flame.

Gypsy has a great sense of humour as a narrator, and is a fun, hip character. I would love to see a sequel of this story detailing her further adventures in that purple house. I'll be keeping an eye on this author and seeing what else she has available, both now and down the road. This was a brisk, enjoyable read. Recommended.

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