Friday, January 23, 2009

Review: Love is Blond by Marie Dees

When I reviewed the previous title in this series, I said that this series, while not quite what I expected after reading the description, was a cute little read and did the job as a diverting and capable mystery. I am pleased to say that the sequel, Love is Blond, is much improved---I still have some issues with the focus the author seems to be taking on the 'politics' of her imaginary world, but the story itself is much, much better and the quality of the writing is higher.

This book focuses primarily on Rafe and Patrick, two characters from the earlier story whose relationship---and lives---are put in jeopardy when an old mentor of Patrick arrives in town to host a conference. Things escalate from there, and I won't give it away except to say that the focus on building these characters is a welcome one. I think Dees worked a little too hard at the world-building in the last outing, and now that that's done, we can move on to more interesting things. Dees also weaves in Lynn's struggle to establish herself and find meaningful occupation in Cassadega, where she is not sure she belongs, and to establish her relationship with Alex. There is still dept to plumb with him; as Lynn is one of the more appealing characters in the series, I wonder if a third novel is being planned which explores her and Alex with the same depth in which Patrick and Rafe get treated this time around.

I recommend this one, and preferred it to the first book. But they do go together, and I am not sure you'll be able to follow this one unless you read the other one first.

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