Sunday, December 28, 2008

Review: Deadly Rx & Rx Alibi by Renee Horowitz

I previously reviewed the first book in this little series, and gave it my highest recommendation. I am slightly less enthused about these later two in the RX Murder series by Renee Horowitz. The main character's happenstance involvement in the first book was clever and original. But with two more murders, it's straining credibility a little---like that famed television cozy, Murder She Wrote, where sleepy Cabot Cove was rife with murderers, one wonders how a middle-aged pharmacist manages to find herself in trouble so often. And Horowitz has other characters frequently bring this up and comment on Ruthie's unsuitability as an amateur detective.

And she's not very good at it either---there are no clues which would allow a reader following along to solve the crime before the characters do, and the finales both rely a little too strongly on coincidence and stupidity on the part of both the sleuth and the killer. By book 3, I was skimming to get to the end, and I only got that far because I wanted to see if Ruthie and Michael wound up together (although I should have guessed in this regard---it's a fairly formula story and we know how these things tend to go...)

So, my high praise for book 1 notwithstanding, I give my thumbs down to the latter books. Okay reads at the bargain-basement sale price I paid, but not ones I would necessarily recommend to others.

Update (6/15/2001) Both books are now available at Smashwords: Deadly RX and RX Alibi.

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