Sunday, December 21, 2008

Review: Rx for Murder by Renee Horowitz

I got all three novels in this series during a recent sale at Fictionwise on multiformat (aka DRM-free) titles, most from smaller or internet-only publishers. I am trying to read more of this 'indie' stuff, and it's easier on the pocketbook too---I got nearly two dozen books for about thirty bucks, and if this first read is any indication, I am in for some fun reading. Rx for Murder is definitely a commercial-calibre book, and it's proof that there are some good bargains to be had in e-land if one is willing to do some exploring and stray from the best-seller list.

Ruthie Kantor Morris is a middle-aged pharmacist who turns detective when one of her customers dies under mysterious circumstances. A former flame comes back into her life when his daughter, the wife of the dead guy, falls under suspicion, and Ruthie gets recruited into some pharmacological sleuthing to help ferret out what happened to the old guy.

The author's note seems to indicate that Ms. Horowitz herself is a pharmacist, and she vividly (and accurately) paints that world for the reader. The pharmacist as a detective is a clever twist on a genre well-worn with policemen and lawyers and private eyes. It was also nice to see a well-rounded Jewish character in mainstream fiction; that's rare, and while Horowitz certainly does not belabour it by any stretch, Ruthie's faith is explored a little in the romance subplot, and adds some much-needed depth in what would otherwise be a fairly plot-driven book.

Update (6/15/2011) The book is now available at Smashwords too!

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