Thursday, December 11, 2008

Review: Devil May Ride by Wendy Roberts

I previously reviewed the prior title in Wendy Roberts' intriguing series about a woman who is a professional crime scene cleaner. I enjoyed the characters and the premise, but felt that its central mystery did not have high enough stakes.

Well, crime scene cleaner/ghost whisperer Sadie Novack is back, and this book is so much better than the first one. The central 'ghost mystery' involves a meth-head biker and his satanist girlfriend, and Roberts manages to weave in various threads including Sadie's impending aunt-hood and the death of her brother six years ago, introduced in the prior title. There is also a reporter causing trouble, and Sadie also much juggle a new employee, and a budding romance with her old one.

All in all, I found this mystery to be a well-written page-turner, and I would heartily recommend it.

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