Sunday, November 23, 2008

Review: A Really Bad Hair Day: The Return of Magic Plague by Rob Preece

I became aware of both A Really Bad Hair Day and its author (who runs a website called Books for a Buck) through his posts on Teleread, and I like what he's doing---getting full-length, affordable (usually under $4) novels by new authors out there in DRM-free formats for everyone to enjoy. Most of his website's catalogue is available at Fictonwise, and it was there that I picked up this book by the head honcho himself.

The novel is about a spunky young lawyer named Erin who discovers one morning that snakes are growing out of her hair. That turns out to be the tip of the iceberg in an epidemic of people who seem to be picking up supernatural traits for no apparent reason. As struggles mount between the transformed and non-transformed, she picks up a sexy professor boyfriend who is studying the goings-on, and a case involving a magically-altered type which might make or break her legal career.

This is a fun, light read---nothing too heavy or profound, but a very enjoyable little story. Erin maintains a sense of humour throughout the story, and the characters are well-drawn and interesting. The romance is nicely played---Erin's doubt as to whether the professor is getting off more on scientific curiosity than on her specifically was realistic and very humanizing.

I'm going to stop harping on typos and formatting errors in my reviews, as I have found those in every e-book I've read so far, even those from major publishers. So with that aside, I give my recommendation for this one. Great value, fun story, enjoyable characters and that small hint of quirky spark that I always enjoy in an otherwise genre story. Enjoy!

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