Thursday, October 23, 2008

Review: Modem Operandi by T.K. Sheils

Modem Operandi by Terry (T.K). Sheils is book my sister recommended to me at Fictionwise. It is a mutliformat title, meaning you can download it in a variety of file types, unencumbered by DRM, and the author seems to be very e-book friendly. The plot at first glance sounded interesting: a guy gets killed in a weird way, and his uncle, a 'paranormal investigator' with limited psychic abilities, gets called in by the dead guy's girlfriend to help investigate. I like mysteries, and what sci-fi tastes I ave tend toward the 'people with superpowers' type of story as opposed to aliens or elves, so this was a perfect e-read for me.

The mystery was reasonably engaging. The mystery leads the intrepid duo (who, in typical genre fashion, fall into bed together almost immediately) on a merry chase through Mayan mythology on the ancient side, and the mechanics of email on the modern side. There are plenty of doses of comedic humour (an over-the-top police liaison, a cabbie who draws his own conclusions) and some decent, if somewhat sudden light romance. It was fun, but it wasn't spectacular.

Still, there is a place in my reading life for this sort of harmless and fairly disposable light mystery, and I enjoyed the time I spent with this book. I remember getting it for a dollar or two cheaper than the price I'm seeing now. If you like this sort of thing and there is a sale going on, you could do worse.

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