Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Admin: Welcome!

After several years blogging about free music and ebooks on-line, I am expanding! I have been bitten by the e-book bug in a big way, and wanted to create a forum for writing reviews. But I'm trying to streamline my on-line life a little, so it didn't make sense to create another bog just for that! My decision? I'm combining the works into one new uber-blog where I can post about ALL things digital media: ebooks, music, videos, web sites, blogs and anything else I find, both free and otherwise. I hope you'll add me to your daily stops. As you get to know my tastes, I hope you'll also start suggesting things!

In case you missed some of the goodies at my former blog, here are some links to the best of the free content I've unearthed on-line so far.
  • Music (50 songs and counting...)
  • E-books (48 and counting...)
I'll be using tags to mark my posts (e.g. music, e-book, video, website etc.) so if you are coming from one of my other internet haunts, you'll know how to find the posts which interest you. As far as stuff I haven't blogged about before, I am especially interested in reviewing some of the multiformat titles at Fictionwise, which are generally from smaller presses and don't have much information about them available elsewhere (Fictionwise does not have a reader reviews mechanism). So I hope you'll join me! This'll be fun.

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